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ZachXBT exposes crypto influencer’s pump and dump scheme

ZachXBT exposes crypto influencer’s pump and dump scheme

ZachXBT exposes crypto influencer’s pump and dump scheme

ZachXBT, an online crypto investigator, in his latest stint, tried to uncover concerning behavior involving the influencer Crypto Rover. The investigation reveals that Rover ghosted a crypto project he was paid to promote. The online sleuth alleged that the influencer misled followers about his trading positions and participated in pump and dump schemes with meme coins.

ZachXBT reveals big fraud

According to the investigation done by ZachXBT, Crypto Rover entered into an agreement with a project to promote it In May 2023. The influencer claimed he could “pump projects from 1/2m to 10m easily.”

It added that Rover agreed upon payment was $10K plus 1% of the supply. However, after receiving the payment, he failed to fulfill his promise of promoting the project. This led to frustration from the project team. 

Despite multiple assurances, the crypto influencer stopped responding to the project. However, when he was asked for a refund, he responded a month later, stating he did not scam but would make a post in better market conditions. As of February 2024, no posts have been made, the report added.

To verify Rover’s involvement, ZachXBT mapped out transactions tied to Rover’s address (0x4472d6969c0750dd7ba8e387d2b007a80794802f). The tracker found out the connections to posts matching the amounts. 

The online sleuth mentioned that Rover claimed that he would hold the investment account throughout the next bull run. However, he sold it shortly after making the statement.

New fraud happening?

Further investigation revealed Rover’s links to a project called $STONED. Till now ten fresh addresses connected to Rover bought up ~9% of the $STONED supply on May 15, 2023. He made multiple posts on his X account and Telegram channel on May 16-17, 2023, promoting $STONED. The project’s team rug pulled, and no posts have been made since May 18, 2023.

ZachXBT highlighted that the ten addresses linked to Rover profited with 40 ETH from $STONED. This was done by selling shortly after his social media posting. The majority of ETH profits were sent to the same Bybit deposit address (0x292d6a1e7ce8a81a0e7ae04a5a1ef967def852fb) that Rover had used multiple times.

Earlier, ZachXBT alleged YouTube star KSI, of pump and dump allegations. The accusations stem from KSI’s posts about crypto token investments. This including a screenshot showing his wallet dumping $850,000 in XCAD Network (XCAD) tokens shortly after an endorsement. 

ZachXBT had highlighted a similar pattern in 2021, where KSI posted favorably about Ethernity Chain (ERN) before selling around $350,000 in ERN tokens hours later.

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