Hack Alert! AirDAO confirms 35.2M AMB, 125.51 ETH Stolen  - CryptoCrazeNews

Hack Alert! AirDAO confirms 35.2M AMB, 125.51 ETH Stolen 

Hack Alert! AirDAO confirms 35.2M AMB, 125.51 ETH Stolen

Hack Alert! AirDAO confirms 35.2M AMB, 125.51 ETH Stolen 

The AirDAO team in the latest post released a statement regarding the theft of 35.2 million AMB tokens and 125.51 Ethereum from their AMB/ETH Uniswap pool. However, the PeckShieldAlert reported that the hacker is making a move with stolen funds. This incident comes in when the crypto market is recovering from the recent dump.

AirDAO reveals hacker’s wallet

As per the details shared by AirDAO, the theft occurred from the AMB/ETH Uniswap pool as the hacker obtained access to the liquidity pool. The unknown thief used a social engineering scam with malicious attachments in an email posing as one of AirDAO’s known partners. 

AirDAO revealed the hacker’s wallet address – 0xFD1754f6Cb9DA53c6F26E3E2eE3DE875CC11C7AA.

It mentioned that their team is actively working with exchanges and other relevant authorities to identify the hacker. However, the procedure to retrieve all stolen funds is also being initiated. They have contacted the exchanges where the hacker transferred the stolen funds in order to track and freeze them.

As reported AirDAO had offered a white hat hacking fee of 10% if the hacker returns the funds immediately. Meanwhile, the team might pursue law enforcement if the hacker fails to cooperate with them.

The theft is described as an isolated incident affecting the liquidity pool. It added that this does not impact users’ funds on the AirDAO blockchain or exchanges. The AirDAO multisig is also unaffected by the theft, it further added.

Will it affect the market?

AirDAO highlighted that additional liquidity will be added back to the Uniswap LP as soon as possible to mitigate the impact of the theft. The team had assured the community that the worst of the situation was over. It went on to pledge to provide updates on the investigation’s progress as more information becomes available.

PeckShieldAlert reported that AirDAO had suffered a hack which resulted in the loss of 126.5 Ethereum and 41.61 AMB tokens. This detail stands different from the affected platform reported. It added that the hacker has transferred the stolen funds to the crypto exchanges like MEXC, ChangeNOW, and KuCoin.

On the market side, Despite the theft, AirDAO price is up by around 7% in the last 24 hours. It is trading at an average price of $0.0121, at the press time. AMB’s 24 hour trading volume is down by 8% to stand at $8.1 million.

However, Ethereum price is up by 11% in the last 24 hours. ETH is trading at an average price of $3,535, at the press time.

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