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Pixel crypto game; This blockchain is making comeback like Solana

Pixel crypto game; This blockchain is making comeback like Solana

Pixel crypto game; This blockchain is making comeback like Solana

There has been a resurgence of many crypto narratives from back in the day in this year’s bull market, including crypto gaming. The Ronin network, whose game Axie Infinity dominated the gaming scene over the last few years, has returned.

According to Token Terminal, Ronin’s user base has grown 700% since the beginning of 2024. It’s growing faster than Solana’s meme coin-fueled DeFi scene as well as TON, the on-chain home for messaging app Telegram’s mounting crypto efforts.

What is Pixels?

It’s the game Pixels that has propelled Ronin’s resurgence. The player sets up digital land and goes on quests to earn digital currencies in this low-fi farming game. As per DappRadar, 1.25 million unique users have logged in and played in the past month.

Despite the numbers, there is a surge of energy flowing into Pixels that matches the mania surrounding Axie Infinity. In the Philippines, play-to-earn gaming has reportedly become a viable way to make money. ‘It’s exceeded expectations’ said Jeffery Zirlin, head of growth at Sky Mavis which is the company behind Ronin blockchain.

“Some people thought crypto gaming would only take off when the industry had studio-quality video games,” he said in an interview. Instead, the top title pumping energy into the sector is a somewhat nostalgic pixelated farming game, hardly a masterpiece like Red Dead Redemption II.

Sky Mavis didn’t build Pixels for Ronin like Axie Infinity. Originally on Polygon, it moved to Ronin last October before the current bull run really took off. Zirlin says Pixels then had maybe 3,000 daily active users. It can now see 750,000.

Unlike Axie Infinity

Those numbers aren’t even close to the energy Axie Infinity had at its peak. Ronin still has a bigger user base, Zirlin said. There are 12.7 million Ronin wallet downloads, he said. Those people are at least ready to buy NFTs that can speed up Pixels gameplay (from an infrastructure standpoint).

Most importantly, they don’t have to. Pixels don’t require users to be crypto-ready from the start, unlike Axie. They can set up their wallets and earn later.

Despite its “seasonality,” Zirlin said Ronin and Sky Mavis still bet on crypto gaming. Gaming does really well during bull markets and can tank during bear markets, like everything else in this industry. As a matter of fact, he said, his company was built for turns. “If you plan like that there’s no real negative.”

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