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Binance executives sue Nigerian officials, alleges human rights violations

Binance executives sue Nigerian officials, alleges human rights violations

Binance executives sue Nigerian officials, alleges human rights violations

Tigran Gambaryan and Nadeem Anjarwalla have taken a big step by bringing their case to the Federal High Court, alleging human rights violations. Their ordeal started when the Binance executives were invited to Nigeria for Binance talks, only to be detained once they got there. Although Anjarwalla managed to escape last week, both men are now seeking justice. Hoping to be released, regain possession of their passports and be apologized to.

NSA sued by the two executives

The two Binance executives who have been held as guests of the Nigerian government since February have sued Nuhu Ribadu, the National Security Adviser. As well as the Economic Financial Crimes Commission for violating their fundamental human rights, as per local media reports on Friday.

Separately, Tigran Gambaryan, head of financial crime compliance at the world’s largest crypto exchange and Nadeem Anjarwalla, regional manager for Africa, requested the Federal High Court in Abuja to release them. Besides asking for passports, they also asked for a public apology, Leadership reported, citing the Nigerian government’s news agency. 

Gambaryan maintained his innocence, saying he didn’t do anything wrong at the meeting and didn’t get told of any crime. “The only reason for his detention is because the government is requesting information from Binance and making demands on the company,” his lawyers said. Nigerian authorities charged the two Binance executives along with the company with four counts of tax evasion, earlier this month. After being invited to meet officials to discuss company stuff, they were detained on arrival.

According to reports, Anjarwalla escaped last week after going to a mosque. Central bank governor Olayemi Cardoso has said the company allowed billions of dollars worth of naira to move untraceably and contributed to currency instability.

Punch reported that the agencies weren’t represented at Thursday’s hearing. It’s been adjourned until April 8. The suits are FHC/ABJ/CS/356/24 and FHC/ABJ/CS/355/24.

Naira free fall

Binance P2P for the naira was alleged to have influenced Nigeria’s local currency by the Nigerian government. The naira has been in free fall this year, losing significant value. Additionally, the government alleges that three platforms were involved in money laundering. At the government’s request, Binance sent executives to negotiate and delisted NGN P2P options. 

As events continue to paint the sector in a negative light, the digital asset community is calling for the Nigerian government to release both the executives. The Kenyan Blockchain Association met with the Nigerian High Commission to demand Anjarwalla’s release. Binance was later charged with tax evasion by the Nigerian government.

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